Zadar restaurants

If you were to pick a restaurant in Zadar for the evening, you’d probably be stumped with the number of choices available and the more options you considered the easier said than done it would be for you to make a choice. The reason is that while all restaurants offer the finest dining experience each restaurant also has that extra something blended with certain uniqueness to the establishment which only adds to the ambience. While one restaurant might offer you the finest dining experience under candlelight the other might offer the most incredible dining experience on the terrace with a view of the Ocean. While one might offer you a position you on the harbor itself another just might have the most unique of fresh water fish delicacies on its Menu. And another might offer you the view of the island of Preko. And as if that was not tough enough the sheer hospitality of the people of this enchanting Peninsula would leave you lost for words and mystified for choices.

Restoran Tinel

If you are looking to dine out for the ‘evening’ then you might want to make your first preference an enchanting place called ‘Tinel’ Part of Tinel’s exclusivity is its catering under candle lights. Tinel also caters increasingly to what it terms as ‘The Romantics and the Honeymooners’ needless to say this makes Tinel the most beautifully decorated restaurant in the old town of Don Ive Prodana on the peninsula of Zadar. Tinel apart from a range of exotic dishes also offers what is most recommended by the regulars – Beef stake with Argula. Apart from the ambience itself. Tinel also offers everything on the menu as a take-away as well for those in a hurry.

Address - Don Ive Prodana 2, Zadar
Phone 098/975-7130

Restoran Zadar

Apart from an exotic range of English, Deutsch, Italian and Croatian delights, Restoran Zadar also offers dining on the terrace which offers an incredible view towards the Ocean and also an enchanting and captivating view of the Island of Preko. In case the weather plays spoil sport there always is a big dining room downstairs where the dining area can be transferred to within minutes. Restoran Zadar offers and incredible range of delicacies made out of Meat and Fish. It also offers tourists and diners and an exclusive taste of salumery specialties and local cheese. Restoran Zadar is also an awesome place if you have ‘just’ drinks in mind.

Address - Brne Karnarutića 4, Zadar
Phone 023/251-859

Restoran Kornat

Kornat offers not only an extensive variety of exotic dishes, but Kornat has a unique way of enchanting you with a fine dining experience at Kornat you are allowed to choose i.e. if you order for fish then the waiter comes in with a large tray of fish and you can choose th fish you want. Kornat also is known for its well decorated regal interiors. Kornat also offers a variety of English, Italian, Deutsch and Croatian Dishes. The best recommendation if you ever are at Kornat is white wine along with any of the fish dishes.

Address - Liburnska Obala 6, Zadar
Phone 023/254-501

Restoran Fosa

Fosa specializes in a variety of all types of fresh fish Luxuries. Fosa stands out also for being one of the first restaurants in Zadar. Fosa offers incredible on its roof top with an awesome view of the Ocean. If ever at Fosa the best option to go for would be anything involving fish. Fosa is known all over Zadar for the best Fish Chefs. Fosa is also listed under the best budget travels in Zadar. That is Fosa offers you the best and most reasonable prices despite the lavish dining experience they offer.

Address - Kralja Dmitra Zvonimira 2, Zadar
Phone 023/314-421

Restaurant Bruschetta

Bruschetta is known for its neo modern and unique design. The first thing that will catch your eye while at the Bruschetta is its awesome and reasonable pricing on the Menus. Bruschetta is known for its Lasagna and Pizza. Bruschetta is also a dream for vegetarians since it has an extensive range of vegetarian dishes on its Menu. While at Bruschetta the best recommendation are the varieties of salads and the tempting Pizzas. Bruschetta is quite close to the coast and has exquisite service. Bruschetta is recommended by all the tourists as well as regular visitors of Zadar. If lasagna and pizza is what you have in Mind then Bruschetta is the place to be.

Address - Mihovila Pavlinovica 12, Zadar
Phone 023/312 915

Restaurant Nostromo

This is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the Zadar region. You can find just about anything you can wish for, when it comes to delicious food. The variety of different meals is amazing, and they are all made and recognizable as the typical local cuisine. All these exquisite tastes come along with some of the most sophisticated wines and delicious deserts. A pleasant ambient and kind staff will guarantee a wonderful night for anyone who visits.

Address - Ivana Mažuranića 7, Zadar
Phone +385(0 98 569 121

Restaurant Cancona

This old fashioned looking restaurant is a mixture of the delicious Croatian and the typical Italian cuisine. The interior is wonderful, to say the least, and the food is exquisite. You can order your pizza made in any way you want it. Pizza is the main offer on their menu, and everything they make in the restaurant comes from the places nearby, even the oregano that is put in the pizza. An original and pleasant place with delicious food- what more can one pizza lover want?

Address - Stomorica 8, Zadar
Phone 023/212 081