You have probably heard of Dubrovnik, beautiful Adriatic city, the pearl of Mediterranean and so on. People there stay in luxury hotels, eat fish dinners and sunbath on yachts. The question arises: do you need tons of money to stay in Dubrovnik? Should you just skip the pearl because you are on the budget? And the budget does not include oysters? Not if you take a few of my insider tips. Dubrovnik is really a beautiful city and there are some hidden treasures that you can easily discover without being rich. After all, people living in Dubrovnik are not rich (ok, most of them are not) and manage to get the most out of their city.

Where to hang-out

Bars are really, really expensive in Dubrovnik. And do not offer that much. Maybe the exception is Buža, small bar out of the tourist routes. To get to Buža you need to find narrow doors in city walls that will lead you to the rocks surrounding the walls (find Ulica od Margarite). Buža has just a few tables and benches because of the limited space, just above the cliff. The booze is expensive, but you can take a swim under the terrace and the view is just priceless because it demonstrates excellently why Dubrovnik was so hard to conquer.

Cafe bar Buža

Check out also one of the legendary DUbrovnik bars, on your way from Boninovo to the Old City. This is a unique place where locals and students hang out, famous for its unusual interior decoration. Tourists are also welcomed:)

Art Cafe

Beautiful places to hang-out that do not include expensive booze are city parks. Park in front of the Lovrijenac is quite popular and young people from Dubrovnik often come there to talk, drink beer and relax. The other place is a park Gradac (it is on the way to Danče beach). It spreads on the vast area and you can explore it for hours. It has numerous paths, beautiful view, nice fountain and a lot of Mediteranean herbs that give the place an unique smell. Young people of Dubrovnik come here to sing and chat, to meet their old friends and gain new. No, they do not go to the crowded overprized cafés in the Old Town. If you want to meet them (they are very friendly), visit their places.